Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How To Find Leased Land in Westmoreland County

Below are directions to find land that has an oil and gas lease in Westmoreland County.  

1)  Go to "Westmoreland County Recorder of Deeds"   

2)  Click on "Search our Records" button

3)  Click on "Advanced Search"

           If you want to search for a specific person, then enter their name.

           However, if you want to try to get ALL the leases for your area....
1) Leave the last name and first name lines blank

2)  Under "Legal Descriptions" - go to the Municipality line:   Type in the name of your municipality

3) Under "Recorded Between" - limit the search to (say) Jan 1, 2008-present.  (Otherwise you will get too many records.)  This is when most Marcellus leasing began...

4)  Under  "Document Category" - Select "Misc"   (this will pull up Oil and Gas Leases and some other misc stuff, but will eliminate deeds, mortgages, etc that will just get in the way.)
5)  Leave the “Order Descending” circle selected.  (Items will then appear as most recently signed first.)
5)  Click on Detailed Data

This should then pull up a long list of people who have signed oil and gas leases.  It will also pull up "Assignment of Leases" and this includes old leases that are being transferred to another company.  These should also be examined, but it is really time consuming.
6)  Once you pull up a list of records, you can view the actual signed documents by clicking “Display Document”.

If you have questions leave a comment and we will try and help you.