Saturday, July 16, 2011

Three Reasons why shale gas is unsafe and unnecessary

Three Reasons why shale gas is unsafe and unnecessary
( Walter, Cynthia* Testimony to DOE 6-13-11)

1. In each of 1200 wells and thousands more planned in PA, shale drilling stockpiles toxins that are highly vulnerable to storm damage and human error.
                Example: 3000 gal. diesel** and 5000 gal. biocides**, and frack water containing arsenic and         radioactivity sit uphill 100 yards from Beaver Run Reservoir, Westmoreland County, PA,  drinking water supply for me and 80,000                 people.
(** Information provided by representatives of the drilling companies at a public meeting with Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County,  Fall, 2010)

           2. Published research shows every well in PA so far has 1-9 major environmental violations; in                   only 2 yrs., shale gas has already contaminated water in Pittsburgh,  Dimick, Bradford, Hickory ; more significant catastrophes are statistically highly likely.
Example: Only one toxin, diesel, from only one of the 10 wells planned for Beaver reservoir will            poison drinking water for 2 months and cause rotten carcasses of dead fish to further putrefy   water. ***  Our single emergency water source is a small, drought-sensitive river, the Youghiogheny      - this is insufficient. 

3..Shale gas is an unnecessary risk that drains resources from truly American, renewable energy entrepreneurs.
                Biofuels and wind farms are beginning to save PA farmland.
                Manufacturing solar panels, geothermal pipes and biogas generators are beginning to revitalize fully American industries.  (e.g.,  Solar panels are now made in full in Westmoreland Co. PA. In contrast, Exxon Mobile, Chevron, etc.  are not American companies; they do follow fully American controls or economic returns, taxes, etc ). 
                These advanced technologies create long-term jobs and boost sales overseas.
(e.g., We can benefit more by selling advanced technologies to China and India than selling raw gas to these countries, only to buy more manufactured goods from China built in foreign factories powered by American gas.)