Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fractivist Friendly Candidates

The Facebook group 'Marcellus at the Polls 2011' has been taking off recently, with new candidate submissions coming in constantly for fractivist friendly candidates in PA, OH, and NY.  If you care to check out the candidates in your state, from local, to regional, to statewide, come join the group and click on the 'Docs' at the top of the page (underneath the name) to pop up the 'Fractivist Friendly Candidate' list for each state.  Referendums are also included.

If you notice a candidate that is missing that should be included, please submit their name, campaign website, a link to any articles indicating their platform, or even their Facebook page for reference.  The list is only as good as our grassroots efforts by members to submit fractivist friendly candidates!

The candidate lists have been growing leaps and bounds, so check back before the election for the most up-to-date list!