Saturday, January 28, 2012

Another "Dimock" in Westmoreland County? Jan. 28, 2012

      Another unfortunate land owner may not be adequately compensated for  contaminated well water due to drilling.  Atlas Energy  previously told Walter Sowa of Sewickley Township not  to use his well water for drinking or even  for washing his hands!   Atlas Energy provided free water  to Sowa over  the past three years, however,  the gas company recently announced that his well  is now perfectly safe for consumption therefore; they  will no longer be providing free water. Sound familiar?  The DEP is supporting Sowa in this instance due to an initial contract made by Atlas to permanently supply Sowa's water. They also feel the water tests were "inconclusive".  A link is provided to read the  Tribune Review  article by Andrew Conte.  

If you or someone you know experienced a health or loss issue due to gas drilling; please report your complaint at The Victim's site:

The Victims—A Site That Records the Real Story of Fracking

      This following site is dedicated to compiling the reports of people dealing with water contamination, air pollution, loss of property value, and sickness due to fracking near their homes. The Academy Award nominated movie Gasland documented the experiences of people with hydraulic fracturing principally in the Western US. Reports are coming in now that the same kind of incidents are occurring in the Marcellus shale region i.e. New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and parts of Maryland, Virginia, and Ohio.